Friday, October 16, 2009


Hair. I got mine done today. It was a hard appointment to keep because we went to the same salon. She actually got her hair done the day before she collapsed. I introduced her to my stylist. Her hair was her most noticeable feature, the most recognizable. Everyone who knew her knew her hair. She had beautiful, thick, full, long blond hair when we met and had cut it very short her last appointment. All except the top, never the top- you had to have the height! Boy did she ever mess with her hair! She spent countless hours primping and coiffing her hair. She never left a salon that she didn't immediately put her hands in her hair and start redoing what she had just paid a small fortune to be done! And of course you had to have the products! And the head bands that she wore! My! how she could make a head band look good! My hair just looked flat! Farrah Fawcett had nothing on Cynthia! I can see her tossing her hair around, primping as I write! Her Hair was the one thing in the end that we knew, her daughter and I, had to look just right. We ran our fingers through her hair, gave her plenty of height, just like she loved it. It was a beautiful moment to share. It was beautiful. It is what made her look most like herself as she lay there for all to say their goodbyes. I think she would have been pleased.

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  1. it ironically is one of my favorite moments through the ordeal that we had to go through. because she was at peace and we tousled her hair and laughed almost as if she were there to laugh with us. She was so proud that I was a hairstylist. I want to give up and just stay at home with Kinsey but knowing that she was so proud of me keeps me going. That and my family. Which you are family Aunt Sheila. I love you!