Sunday, March 13, 2011

I have Not Forgotten You

I have not forgotten you. Nor have I stopped writing, at least in my head. I talk to you nearly every day. But it seems that everyone has moved on now and whenever I bring up your name, I am the one that they look at kinda funny. They get a little uncomfortable. I mean, your husband has moved on and remarried, your children are doing great in their lives and that is wonderful and as it should be, or so I am told. "Life is for the living"! So, it has been harder for me to grieve and to justify, writing and spilling my soul to you day in and day out. I've tried to get my husband to read what i've written, just so he might understand, but he want even go near my feelings. So, for what it is worth, I wanted you to know, I haven't forgotten. I am here. I talk. I write in my head. I remember my friend.