Saturday, April 24, 2010

Avoiding You

Hey! I have been avoiding you. It is getting tiresome that you're never here when I need you. Can't call, can't meet you. You're just not there anymore. It doesn't make me stop reaching for the phone or thinking "I need to ask, talk, etc Cynthia". So much in my life is going on. I know you would be surprised, excited and shocked. But we could be having so much fun! Right now, I could really use to talk to you because you have inside information I need, badly. Someone I love is in trouble - the kind you know so well and I need to know how this happens! What can I do to stop it? Anything? And the truth I already know is that I can't stop it. I couldn't with you and I want be able to stop them. I am afraid, very afraid. I won't stop trying though - It's all I can do.

I don't know when we'll talk again. We are moving back home to the house we all loved so much. Lots to do - staying very busy, thankfully. There's so much we could have been doing together - I miss your help and shopping excursions. Boy, you would love this! But I guess this journey, as all I am facing, will have to be alone - you left me.

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